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Booking Refiner’s Fire

Text Box: Are we too small?  
Refiner’s Fire performs in facilities of all sizes.  Our own sound system can carry a 1500 seat auditorium very well, and also a mid-size outdoor amphitheater.  We also can (and have) played in rooms that can barely fit 100 people.  The key question is what ministry are you trying to support with a Refiner’s Fire concert?  If we sell 100 tickets (obviously this applies to ticketed concerts) your church/organization earns $500.  One of our biggest blessings is to know that we leave a trail of ministry funding wherever we go.  We do ask for a 40 ticket minimum, which would give your group $200 and give us the same, enabling us to stay on the road.  We do make exceptions to this policy, but our budgeted expense per date is $500.
Text Box: What are we responsible for?  
We ask all hosts to sell 40 tickets prior to the event.  We provide full color flyers and a black and white master for copies, 40 tickets for pre-sale and a packet of suggestions that you also have available here on the website.  We work together with you to contact Newspapers and Radio, announce the concert on Facebook and do everything possible to get the word out about the event.  Craig’s philosophy is “you get what you pay for” and if you want to do more work towards the promotion of the concert and some “extras” like food, etc…. then the reward will be much greater for your group.  
Text Box: What do you charge without tickets?  
Refiner’s Fire is always available on a free-will offering basis.  We budget $500 per date, which covers basic expenses.  Keep in mind that our true goal is to bless you, so we are flexible, and the income from an event goes to support not only Refiner’s Fire but also gives support to our partner, Shoreline Ministries. We do not ever “require” these amounts for a free concert, but those are the realities that we live with.  If you want a concert without the necessity of an offering or tickets, give us a call (541-245-3496) or E-MAIL us to discuss rates.

Craig Harris is available for solo concerts as well as Song Evangelist responsibilities.  He has a 30 year history of singing, playing and preaching for his own congregations and others.

Jake is always looking for a camera.  Please don’t encourage him too much, as he seems to think his value is increasing with each passing concert.

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