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Jakeís View

December 3rd,† 2013

As we close out this year, Iím looking forward to being in Hines, OR and then Susanville, CA.† We have really made some great friends in both places.† Actually, I have made great friends in every place weíve been and also made up for Dadís lack of table manners so that nobody actually realized how boring he actually is.†


Iíll be finishing this touring year with Refinerís Fire, but if all works well, Iíll be joining back up with the Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon after the first of the year.† I have missed playing the horn and look forward to being back with them.†


Rest assured that Iíll be praying for all of you, once Iím not with Dad on the road all the time.† That is such a hard job for Mom to have to watch him and still keep things going.† I trust that you will be gracious to him and point out all his mistakes, since I wonít be there to do it.


Thank you, to everyone who has supported our ministry.† Without your gifts to keep the work going, I have learned what it means to be grateful and with all of the wonderful friends we have made, sharing Godís message, I consider myself to be a pretty blessed guy.



Jacob L. Harris


One of the highlights of the year was playing at ZMost Youth camp in Ukraine.† Dad doesnít realize weíve unplugged him so that his playing wonít spoil worship.

He has no idea that I am making him sound so good!

What have people been saying?


#1 Comment: Give Jake more solos!


#2 Comment: He doesnít look at all like that other guy...


#3 Comment: Please keep helping your Dad play better.


#4 Comment: That boy needs more food!


#5 Comment: Pay that boy more!