Craig Harris & Refiner’s Fire

Inspire your heart, refresh your spirit, rekindle your faith

Jake sneaks a lick in on the bass guitar.

Dear Friends,

On rare occasions, such as a weather related event, or some other unforeseen circumstance a concert date will be rescheduled or cancelled.  We know that some folks drive a long way to see us, so please verify with us, or the facility where we are playing, especially during the winter months.  We will do our best to keep this schedule current, but sometimes events move swiftly and we don’t always have the opportunity to update for several hours.

God bless you all,


Jake is pleased with himself for sneaking a lick in on the bass guitar.

Craig is wondering what is going on...a normal state of mind for him..

Craig powers through another trumpet run in Hines, Oregon.

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2014   Refiner’s Fire—Moving Forward

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Saturday, March 22nd—Central United Methodist Church (Spokane, WA)     7:00 PM   INFORMATION

Tuesday, March `18th—Princeton Church of the Nazarene (Princeton, ID)     7:00 PM   INFORMATION

Sunday, March 16th—Colfax Church of the Nazarene (Colfax, WA)     6:00 PM   INFORMATION

Sunday, September`28th—Central Lutheran Church (Morton, WA)     6:00 PM   INFORMATION

Saturday, April 12th—Marfa First Baptist Church

(Marfa, TX)     7:00 PM   INFORMATION